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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

I've been working steady on my Mig. This kit is number 18 so its Fiberclassics. I just ordered a set of Mig wheels and brakes from Glennis. Since the width of the mains are 1.700" and the originals are 2.225" they should fit much better and simplify some of the main gear adjustments. Here are a couple of questions for anyone out there that built this kit.
1. To level the model I mounted my robart incidence meter on the carbon fiber wing rods and then set the model at 0. As I view the model from the side it does not look level to me. I need to know this to insure the mians are set at 10 degree's rake forward and the nose gear is set at 3 degree's rake back. Since the wing may have some incidence in it I could end up with the gear measurements being off if the wing is not set at zero. Any thoughts?

2. I don't have the intairco doors and have not been able to contact them. I did a carefull job of cutting the doors from the fuselage and have a decent fit on the small doors, but the big doors are a joke. If I get a good fit at the front edge the rear of the door on the outside edge is lower that the fuse skin by at least an 1/8". If I messed up the installation of the inner door skin then I'm consistant because I have the same issue on both sides. I know glass parts cut from a fuse with complex curves tend to change shape when they are cut free and I was hoping the inner doors would control the shape but I was wrong. Are the Intairco doors stable and do the fit the curves of the fuse well. Has anyone besides Wolfgang ever got a good fit on original doors. I have a picture of Mig number 1's doors that I took at Superman and the gaps are not very tight.

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