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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29


Peter Agnew, Ro and I are all using Robart 5 1/4" main wheels and brakes. We have had to machine new parts for the bottom of the main struts to hold the Robart brake hub pins. These wheels give good clearance and it is very hard to see the difference between 5.5" and 5 1/4". I had heard from someone that has them that the Glennis MiG-29 wheel brakes are not very good. Also the main wheels are quite heavy. Ro and I have bought just the Glennis nosewheels because they are slimmer than the ones in the kit and will ease the clearance problem past the nosegear doors on retraction.

1. I have not set my main struts yet. Ro has and they look perfect. He is going to give me a hand with mine. Hope he can comment for you.

2. Ro and I both have the Intairco doors. They are made in carbon fibre so very stiff and molded off the fuselage before it was cut open. It could be that Peter Agnew at Intairco is on holiday (its is summer down here!). If you send him an email I',m sure he will answer you as soon as he gets back. He's a really helpful guy. Ro has his doors fitted and they are great.

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