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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

My kit for some reason did not have the plastic ball links for the front of the main gear rams but had 3mm metal ones for the front and 4mm for the rear. The rams center to center should be 173 - 175 MM. Mine were longer at 178. I shortened the rear ball and set the length at 174. I used one shim on the right side and had no trouble setting it up. The left strut lower plate as your looking at it with the plane upside down has one bolt hole that is off a lot when I get the strut position right. Not sure whats up with that. Peter responded to me last night, I'm going to order his doors. The stock doors move all over every where when they are cut free and the inner door shells will not bring them back into position. I'll work on something else while I wait for the doors.

Thanks for the help
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