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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

Hi John,

Yeah, I dont think the mount holes for the gear are perfect but taking the time to play with all adjustable point will get you where you want it to be. I just kept double checking and adjusting till it looked perfect to me.

I managed to get up early and get all my canopy glass in. I used an extra piece of lexan for a test fit and trimmed it til it fit the forward wind screen frame nice, then I used that piece to as a stencil to cut out the final piece for the front wind screen.

Using those doors from Intairco made easy work of installing them doors!

Whats left to do: mount hydraulic system, rudders, flaps, taileron setup, exhaust nozzles, mounting bolts for wings & vert. stabs, install all electronics and a few minor details here and there.

this is the exact aircraft I'm doing. I like the fact this scheme has not been done yet. looks pretty good and will be easy to paint!

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