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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

Jet FX
Matrix Machine is owned and operated by my friend John. He does great work. He told me he was going to expand his Mig 29 options and make a complete set of gear. Since he already makes gear for the AD SU35 its not a big leap for him to make a complete gear set for our Migs. I'm going to play with the original hydraulic system just to see if I can do it. When John finishes the complete Mig gear set, I'm planning on buying a set. I sold John an SU27 that I built up to primer that I own the moulds for. Its 1/9 scale and he used this to design the SU gear. Its a little smaller than the Mig but not much. He has powered it with two ds94 edf fans and will fly it this summer. EDF is a potential option for the Migs and some of them really sound good. I want to see the SU go first and see what the thrust to weight ratio is before I make that choice.

Well its time to go work on the Fulcrum.
Have a great day everyone and keep building.

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