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I'm going to pick up a set of plans for the Spickler Quickie 500 on Sunday. I am going to have them reduced to a size I can scan if FedEx Office/Kinko's can't scan them into a PDF (or some other format) for me. Then I will enlarge them back to 100% in a PDF that anyone can take to a FedEx Office and get them printed.

To sweeten the deal I am going to make foam core templates and sell foam cores for $10 a set. And I'll probably get extra sets of the plans printed to have available.

Sure I like my new Quickie design, but a Spickler Quickie 500 was being flown at a Quickie 25 race last weekend and doing fine.

It could make a fine club build project as Scott Hartman mentioned in my "Resurgence" thread.
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