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Default RE: BuckShot Quickie 25 Build

Now, for the guys who hate foam wings the BuckShot is offered with a built up wing.
Roll out plans and lay on flat surface. The BuckShot wing is built in one piece for ease of construction and strength. It is important to have a truly flat surface to build this wing on. The ribs have tabs to insure a straight and true wing. This can only happen if the surface the wing is built on is truly flat.

Pin down the 1/4 x 3/16 hardwood bottom spar. Pin ribs in proper location and add the 1/4 x 3/16 hardwood top spar as well as the 1/8 square sub spar to the top of the ribs. See picture.

Add the ½ ribs in their proper location. See picture.

Next install leading and trailing edge balsa sticks to end of ribs.

Finally install the 1/16 balsa sheeting and rib cap strips in the top of the wing.

Now the wing should be stable. Remove from your table, remove the tabs and lay flat again on your table. INSTALL THE HARDWOOD WING BOLT BLOCKS AND 1/32 LIGHT PLYWOOD WEBBING IN CENTER SECTION BEFORE SHEETING!! Then finish installing the 1/16 balsa sheeting on the bottom of the wing taking care the wing is still flat.

NOTE: Install the 1/32 light plywood webbing between the main spars. As for an additional precaution you can webbing the rear spar but I have had no issues with wing strength with just webbing the main spar on the outside.

Add wingtips and trailing edge stock, install aileron torque rods, temporarily install ailerons and sand to proper shape.

NOTE: Be careful during sanding as the minimum wing thickness is 1-3/16 very close to the spar location. Do not sand too deeply or you will not be legal in the minimum wing thickness rule.

Here are some pictures. Vic chime in with some of yours!!

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