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Default RE: ........... BELT CP V2 Thread..........

Hi all, I am glad this thread is taking off, it seems that some of the parts like the EK1-0401 are impossible to get and I am still not sure of all cross over parts from the Belt CP. That said this heli is much heaver then the HBK2 I have and I am still trying to find the right throttle & pitch curves for it, I am using the Dx6i and have looked at all forums to find my sweet spot, any suggestion are always welcomed. No stunts for me just hovering and mellow flying.


HBK2, 3900 Motor, 10t gear
Metal Head & Tail, 43t pulley
Esky HH Gyro (EK2-0704A)
Dx6i TX & AR6200 RX
Belt CP v2 Dx6i TX & AR6100 RX
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