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Default RE: Need an appropriate Jett Engine for an EU-1A Pattern Plane

Hi Mike......

My personal pick would be a FIRE 90L with a quiet pipe - internally mounted as usual. I have plans for an EU-1A set up for this. Just have to get a few other projects out of the way first

Side exhaust your best bet for the EU1-A would be a standard SJ-90L engine. Use an 11x8, 11x9 or 12x6 prop. The engine will turn any of these well over 14,000 rpm.

If you go this route, you would want to set up the engine so it side-mounts (or approximately 90deg cylinder position). You will get the best fuel draw and engine performance set up this way. Upright mounting is ok, but consider side mounting it (more like a brushfire)

The nose on the plane is big/wide, so the key to going side exhaust will be ensuring that the muffler clears the fuselage properly. Upright engine mounting will end up with a tight install. You will not want to resort to adding a spacer. You will have to be creative. Experiementing a bit with different engine rotation angles will be useful. With as much "meat" as there is around the nose, it would be easy enough to build your own muffler pocket into the lower nose section to help partially enclose the muffler. A cut out, and some formed fiberglass behind it might make for a very slick looking installation.

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