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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Avenger is looking good. Something else I found on mine was that it tended to fly like a turkey in the beginning. It wanted to waggle from tip to tip. At first, I thought it may be tail heavy, so I added some more nose weight. I couldn't get rid of the tip to tip wandering/waddle. Then I thought that maybe the stall slot was creating turbulence over the ailerons. Turns out it may have been the case. I put some clear packing tape over the bottom of the slots to cancel any flow thru the slot, and it stayed there for 5 years without ever coming off. From the top, you would have never known. I found that the tape cured the wing waddle from the time I applied it. Just FYI and something to look for if you see this condition. Keep up the good work. An Avenger is a sight to behold at a fly-in.

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