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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Looks great, Chic! And thanks for the kind words regarding my build. I'm satisfied with how it's coming out so far.

Yeah, we could probably push the span ever further by adding larger blocks to the tips!

Nah, 108" should be enough.

I am waiting to add the leading edge to the outer panels until I add the leading edge to the center section... and according to my read of the instructions, we're supposed to wait until we mount the center section to the fuse before we add the leading edge to the center section. So, we're a ways off from that.

I got some good news today... my motor has finally been shipped, so I can now jump into framing the fuse. I wanted to have the motor before I started the crutch and firewall/front formers, just in case there will be some modifications/special reinforcements required.

I'll post some pictures of the layout this weekend (assuming the motor gets here by then).

Jeff, thanks for the heads-up on the leading edge slots and the weird flight characteristics. I'll look for it (hopefully this summer/fall)! I have always planned on going to Owatonna, but I never seem to make it there... this year for sure. It's only a few hours away from me here in Iowa City. If the Avenger is ready (however unlikely), I'll bring it up for you to inspect (and hopefully admire). If not this summer then next summer for sure. I've always admired your projects and your skills. I was especially impressed with the Polykarpov you built. Sorry you had some trouble with it. Does the plane still exist, or was it a loss?

Be in touch soon. Still sorting through pictures and whatnot.


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