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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Found a few more pictures that might be helpful, Chic.

Below appears the wing with outer panel bottoms and center section sheeted. Before I sheeted the center section, I first built-up some support balsa for the sheeting around the retract cut-outs. Sorry I forgot to shoot a picture, but there is at least one below that shows some of the balsa sticks (and their relative placement around the retract) from the top after the bottom sheeting was trimmed and before the top sheeting was applied. Anyway, the purpose was to simply support the sheeting around the cutouts. To do this, I installed the gear and then just placed sticks around the gear where I thought the sheeting would be cut. Once in place, I removed the gear and then used the sanding bar to get the balsa sticks to match the contour of the plywood ribs. After that, I sheeted the center section.

All-in-all, it came out pretty well. The wing joint is not perfect, but close enough to be easily made perfect with a little massaging and perhaps a bit of filler or epoxy/microballoons.

I also decided not to use a single servo driving the two inner flap sections. I was spending too much time and effort trying to find all the components to make the torque-tube, control-arms, bushings and all that business. So, as with the aileron and outer flaps servos, these two surfaces will have their own dedicated servo mounted to a plate and screwed to the bottom of the wing. This will also make maintenance easier, as all the linkages will be exposed and within easy reach. While I'm trying to do a good job with this build, my ultimate goal is to have a dependable, well-flying, giant-scale Avenger, not a top gun entrant!

All about making it simple and reliable (of course, I'll quickly be labeled a hypocrite as soon as I post pictures of the motor installation!).

UPS Tracking says my motor will arrive next Tuesday... so for now, I'm just laying out the crutch and making lots of measurements from the plans.

Be in touch after I make some progress on the fuse, or if I find some more pictures that help with the wing.


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