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Default RE: Mach 1 Laser Kit Build

I’ve only installed retracts a couple of times, but am currently trying to wrap up a tri-gear retract installation at this moment. I’m going round and round with thoughts like this…

1)Servo location
a.Interference of the steering pushrod with the
ii.Throttle pushrod
iii.Front wing dowels/bolts/wing saddle/retract actuator lines
iv.Seems rudder servo is determined first, elevator and throttle second.

b.Which side is the rudder horn going to be on, that is,
i.Linkage for the retract steering on same side of servo arm, or opposing sides. The plane needs to turn in the same direction either in the air, or on the ground.

2)Don’t want the nose wheel turning in flight when it’s retracted. Steering pushrod ( I’ve not used B&D) needs to terminate in a way that when the retract is up, the retracts’ steering horn will slide on the post that drives the steering control arm. That is, both perpendicular to the steering control arm post, and in the center of the post (top to bottom) when the servo is in its’ neutral position.

3)I’m certainly going to use a Sullivan pushrod cable (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

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