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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Hey you crazed builder. The work looks beautiful as I expected it would be. Your full description will certainly give me a highway to follow toward success. Today I put both of the dowels in the left outter/center section and used the same system to secure the wing panel to the center section as Jim used on page 7 of this thread. He went through the landing gear/wheel well and used two bolts to secure the wing. Will do the same this week for the right wing panel. I put my landing gear in and made some cuts to allow the wheel to fit in well. Then did some planning to decide how I'm going to frame in the wheel well area with side panels to hide the ribs, etc. Playing around with the landing gear strut covers, seems like the wood is kind of thick. I'm thinking of using thin plywood instead with fake supports framing it (per pictures of the struts). Weather was good so went walking along the Potomac with the wife and we both then visited with my friends widow.

Agree with you that Charlie worked his butt off designing this bird. A few burps along the way which have all been worked out to perfection. Would like to build his SANDY after the Meister P-47 and Meister Zero I want to build. I like the idea of building the crutch over a reference line. Will certainly follow your lead on this build, many thanks for your assistance. I have the Sierra tailwheel now so I'll also be interested with Jim's response and your working the problem. Take care. Chic
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