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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Hey, Chic.

Glad you had a good weekend.

I also used Jim's method for securing the outer panels to the center section. Instead of metal bolts and blind nut, I actually glued a bit of maple to the inside of W-6 that was tapped for 1/4x20 bolt. I have further hardened the wood with thin CA and I plan to use a nylon bolt. I hate metal bolts when it comes to keeping wings in place... I've seen a few vibrate out. I think that nylon will be plenty strong, as the "pulling" forces should be minimal. It's my belief that the forces will be shear, and that that anti-rotation pins will take care of that.

I also agree with you regarding the strut covers... they are thick! Depending on how they lay down on the bottom of the wing, I may still use them. If they don't match the contours, then I'll likely just lay up my own with glass and epoxy resin.

Charlie has generated an impressive kit with the Avenger. I've been eye-balling Charlie's Skyraider... but I have too many projects right now. It'll have to wait until the Avenger and my Ziroli P-40 are finished and flying. I keep biting off more than I can chew. I can't seem to shake the "I want one of everything" phenomenon.

Talk to you soon.

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