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Default RE: Mach 1 Laser Kit Build



It's always interesting to take an original set of plans that were drawn on a drafting board X number of years ago and do a CAD drawing of them. There are always mistakes that need to be corrected. Just ask Dan @ Laser Tech. Now that Dan is getting on board with Classic Pattern we will have some great opportunities to build accurate and great flying planes. The Mach 1 has been a pleasure so far. I need to figure out the nose gear sterring. Any ideas would be appreciated. This is the first plane I have built with retracts.

Leo, aka glockguy

You also need to give that fuel tank enough clearance where it passes through the bulkhead so that uncompressed foam rubber can isolate the fuel tank from the engine's vibration. If you're not using a piped schneurle ported .61, you could drop down to a 12 ounce tank and have more room for vibration isolation. A 12 oz. tank was the standard size for 10cc engines before schneurle porting/tuned pipes came along. The original fuel tank that was included with the Midwest kit looked like a long flattened oval. I believe it was a Jergen's Lotion bottle that had been modified for fuel tank use.

Looks nice. Keep up the good work.

Ed Cregger
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