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Default RE: OFFICIAL Discussion for the Pros and Cons of Clones in the Market

Vehicles and there clones......hmmmm... I realize that it must be hard for a manufacturer to spend so much
on R&D and come out with a product just to have some knock off made and selling for less than half the price.
The other side of the coin is that consumers on a tight budget who really can't afford the original can afford the clone. Sometimes i wonder if the manufacturers of the originals are over charging us....just a thought.
In most cases the clone is made of inferior parts but again it is very affordable. You have two markets...originals and clones and i feel the world is big enough to support both. Personally i don't like clones but the good LORD has blessed me enough that i can afford the "real deal" but i am not against anybody that does and i have read some pretty good reviews on the Rampage which is a clone so let us lighten up and respect each other's choices. [8D]
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