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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

Well Charlie "K", good news travels fast. My best buddy Rick Moreland, just came back from Toledo. He told me he talked with ya. He knew I was building an Avenger but did not know it was your design. He's a pylon racer, you have to tell those guys at least 10 times plus a granny lap before they remember anything. Anyway, the most important part of Toledo that he told me about was that all he could hear from his old buddies such as folks like Nick Ziroli, Mike Barbee, Hahn, Platt, and several other great builders was that your Avenger was the talk of the town. You had the "WOW" factor going for you especially among all those guys for sure. He said any time those builders are "WOWING" about someone else's aircraft, you must be doing pretty good. Congrats Charlie. Well to add on to my misery, I now have a strained shoulder after splitting three girls up (fighting) at school over a da#* cupcake. So I'm currently laid up in a sling. At least I look cool as the kids say. Going to the ortho folks Monday for a final word, surgery or no surgery. Noah, keep building, at least you'll get airborne this year. Will be in touch again by Friday when I return from the Palm Springs Air Museum to see my models full scale cousin. I'm not going to fully blow my spring break. Chic
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