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Default RE: Electric Racing Development Efforts

Well, we raced off this weekend EP Q-500 vs TT40 424. We sent the TT40 off @ 16,300 on the APC 9 x 6 & we raced. The speed was off by about 15 mph. We flew about 20 laps getting a good look at the speed difference. It is significant, but the EP held its ground. The predicted speed from my Eagle tree plots was around 110 mph and that is a good assumption of what it was doing.

Next step is to take it to 5S and see what it does to the speed. The 1000 watt-min limiter would be a great place for a sport race, but well short of what it needs to be competitive with a 424 racer. I am looking for affordable 5S 2350-2500 packs right now to see how quickly I can test this. I would still use the 9 x 7.5 prop, motor, & ESC, just add a cell.

Now on the flip side, the current set-up may be very good short course/(2) pole set-up.

Testing to be continued.......
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