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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build

So, a little more progress on the Avenger.

Finally decided on how to steer the tail wheel. I was originally going to dedicate a servo to both the rudder and the tail wheel, but I finally just linked them both to a single servo. Once that was decided, I used some dowels and ply to reinforce the former that holds the tail gear. The former is basically tied to the spruce crutch. The air cylinder on the Sierra unit is also linked to this reinforcing framerwork. It's all very strong, but will be difficult to remove the cylinder without cutting into the bottom of the fuse. Lets hope the cylinder holds up. I wanted to install the tail gear with air cylinder as a single, removable unit, but I could not come up with a suitable bracket that would mount to the tail gear frame and be stiff enough to mount the air cylinder to as well. Oh, well. The way I have it installed functions well, and it should be fine as long as the cylinder hangs in there for the long haul.

Next I ran the guides for the push rods and pull-pull wires. I really thought long and hard about mounting the servos for the elevator halves in the tail area, but there was no obvious solution. Perhaps mounting these servos in the horizontal stab itself would have been the best option, but it was too late for that. Thus, for the elevator halves, I just went forward with the materials and methods that Charlie used on both his Avengers.

After those were run, I installed the air tanks. The larger tank is for the gear, and the smaller tank is for the bomb bay. I decided to put the servos and valves for the pneumatics in the bomb bay area, buried in the wing out of the way of the torpedo. The Robart (red) valves will control the bomb bay, while I used Sierra's larger capacity valve for the gear. All lines were tucked out of the way and secured here and there with zip-ties.

Thats about it for now. I'm sort of stuck until Iget the hinges for the bomb bay doors. I placed an order withNelson Hobby about 2 months ago... I call Jerry ever 2-3 weeks... I might have to find another source. I need them in order to work on the bomb bay. That's the next step.

Aside from the hinges holding up my progress, the other part of theproblem is that when the weather is good, and Ihave a bit of free time, I'm out there at our field flying! Below are some pictures from a perfect day at the field yesterday. It's overcast and threatening rain today, so I'll probably be working on the Avenger.

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