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Thanks for your interest in the SAP-180HP! (sorry its not 180 horsepower!)  It is a 30 cc engine designed specifically for 1.00 to 1.80 size planes...and run on 87 octane gasoline...

The goals of the design were clear.  Develop a lightweight engine that would compete with glow that runs on gasoline, is powerful, very easy to run and install and is rock solid reliable.  I created this engines after trying (in frustration) nearly all the 26cc gassers (wont name them all) on a funtana that I desperately wanted to run on gasoline, but was not happy with the performance.  I still have the firewall that had to be replaced from all the different holes in it from all the engine installations!

The SAP-180HP took about 2 years to develop and is not conjured up from any sourced engine parts on the market.  It is designed and built from scratch.  Almost all the engine components are built (actually machined here from materials made from mills here in the US) here in the USA.   The reason is that I could not find what I wanted anywhere else.  All the parts are purpose built for this engine.   I was simply not happy with the weedwacker and chainsaw parts that were available.   They did not fit what I wanted....and I finally, after 2 years, have what I want.  

I had to chuckle a bit at Joe Nall (really the first public viewing of the engine) when modelers asked which cylinder, who's piston, did you use a crankshaft from "so and so's engine", where did you get that sweet exhaust system...and the list goes on and on.   Some seemed to not believe, that, yes...we do machine our own reed cages, pistons, cranshafts (one piece forging of course), connecting rods, cylinders...and everything else.  C'mon...we live in the USA...we are the definition of productivity and creating techology!  Does it cost more to do it this way, of course it does...but there is a vision here....and it has been met....and people are excited...of course, I'm excited as well. 

We are not out to compete with the Chinese engines.   Who can compete with China with the currency and wages (unless your market is China and your business is located there of course)...its not possible to compete on price with China.   Anyone who tells you so is full of it. 

Some people will think that our engine cost too much...and that is fine...I completely understand.  I look for deals when I can get them...naturally one would!  There are many Chinese engines out there...and many do run well.  There are, however, some people that do want something more.  My design, SAP's quality, the testing, the service...and the fact that we are aiming for zero defects in our process to build all our engines (developing a very competitive 60cc, lightweight, twin boxer powerhouse) are a few things that people will think about.  The testing that went into this is engine is incredible...and usually not apparent to most people not involved in development of products, especially precision products. Lack of testing, quality and design expertise only show up when there are problems.

Why would someone buy our engine over a $200 chinese engine? 

The long life, reliability, power, the fit of the engine, the fact that you can call and one of us will answer the phone and answer any possible question you might have...The fact that we are enthusiasts and are looking to not only make money (anyone would be lying if they say they are in business to work for free! right!), but make other enthusiasts happy by giving them exactly what they want...

For instance, when you order your engine...we will machine the standoffs for a small fee to fit your application.    When you get your engine, everything is assembled, ready to go, right out of the box.  You get everything down to the throttle ball link with the 2-56 threaded rod.  

I do own a CNC machine shop/fabrication and have an extensive engineering, manufacturing, materials, processing, engine development, specialized test fixtures, testing and product development background.  Trust me...That does help.

As eager as we are to get the engine to market...we are making absolutely sure to get everything correct the first time...and every time after that.
When I have my Aeroworks 1.20 Yak hanging over the runway...nothing can fail. Not a servo, not a reed, not a hinge.  I know not everyone flies like this...but having an engine that is rock solid reliable gives me great confidence.  450+ flights with no engine maintainence, without an engine failure says at least something!  A receiver battery outage put an end to the poor funtana 100...this particular test  engine is still going strong and lives in the test Yak....even after smacking the ground straight in at about 40 mph.  Its the yak that was at Joe Nall.  And yes...anyone that loves RC...well you simply have to go to Joe Nall...It was simply outstanding....

By the way...the price on the website is correct...that is the price.  No funnies.  No suggested prices, crazy inflations and discounts, no changes in other countries.   Its the same everywhere and is in US dollars.  Simplicity is usually best here.  We want to spend time in R & D, and customer service...not trying to figure out new pricing schemes.

Take care all...and the engine will be ready soon!  Please email me directly with any questions about the engine...I dont always get on the forums...or give a call! 860 538 2937 - Todd

A video has been taken and should be posted soon.  Several videos will be out on how a typical install is done on different types of planes as well as how it performs on them.  Video, short of actually being there to see first hand, is the only way to show real performance.

Remember...just about anyone can make an engine that will run.  Making one that performs to a high level, is very lightweight, very compact, fits a wide variety of aircraft, has a linear throttle curve, spools up very fast, runs smooth, looks great and lasts a long time is an entire different story. Oh...and make it all for a reasonable price...

Wow...that was long.
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