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I am new to the electric scene and would like some guidance about which batteries to choose for the 1/16 E-Revo. I was looking at the 1600mah Team Orion battery pack and can get them for roughly $35 a pack off of ebay. Are there pros/cons to these batteries? I have two hump packs from Team Orion in my Savages and they are holding up very well.

If anyone can direct me to better and or cheaper batteries then that would be great. Any other advice that one might give about battery selection? What kind of performance would you guys think I would get out of the e-revo with two 1600mah Team Orion batteries?

Speed, run-time, punch?

With lipos, I would need a pretty hefty charger, correct? I would also have to cycle the batteries as well, right? Are the lipos water-proof?

Depending on those questions, I think that the "normal" batteries would best suit me since I will only be bashing with this thing and it will be my extra little toy. I would assume that I would hit high 40's/low 50's with the Orion batteries, no?

Thanks and any input would be great.

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