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Default .15 size pylon planes

Call me weird but I have this burning desire to build a .15 size pylon racer from back in the day. I have looked around but but can't find anything from back in the 70's or 80's as far as old kits, not even sure what was available back then. Does anyone have any info on what was winning back then and the hot set ups? I would be interested in buying old plans or even kits if someone wants to part with them. I have the capability to plot airfoils and cut foam wings so building from scratch is not a problem. I have also raced Q500 for a few years so the speed and piloting skill is not an issue. One other question, where is a good place to buy balsa since Lone Star burned down? When I do a search on quarter midget all I get is the new QM 40 stuff.
Thanks in advance.
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