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Default RE: Best Flying Sport Plane??

I also would have to vote for the stik. I have had many of the planes or flown the ones listed in this thread. Right now I am flying a stik that I scratched built the fuse from my old plans ,the wing believe it or not has been in my hangar for 15 years plus. Best designed wing ever!!! I did make a few changes to the fuse like elevator size and shortened the moment by 2 or 3 inches. Flies great with a ys .45 and tuned pipe. As far as the wing goes I built it with no dihedrial way back when but I decided to increase the aileron size by 1/2 an inch and also put a servo on each one. I also have a supersportster 40 on the work bench right now, found an original great planes kit on ebay over the winter. Can't wait to finish her. One plane I would have to mention that is a close second to the stik is an old q500 plane called the Scat Cat. Me and several others back in the day bought these and put .40 s on them, great low wing trainers, durable and fast if you wanted them to be but slowed way down for landing. By the way we all did add rudder control to them. I still have a wing left but can't find plans or the kit since the fire at Lonestar balsa. If anyone knows of plans or has an old kit in their hangar PLEASE let me know
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