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Default RE: The Official Traxxas 4wd Slash Thread...


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finally after 16 years or whatever of wanting and asking for a 4 x 4 stampede, then they SCREW us and give it the vxl and 2.4 radio which MOST people don't want in order to drive the price way up, they act all high and mightly on the webpage about since we asked for it they made it, we asked for a kit to, best thing about traxxas is the aftermarket companies will ge on this and within a year between the aftermarket and ebay we will be able to build one from scratch with quality components, gotta hand it to them with the full line of accessories right off the bat, $400 is crack cocaine kinda high, better be closer to three than four

Yeah how dare them include the best stuff they could. PeterV on the traxxas forum said even an AM radio/brushed version would be around $300 or slightly less. So basically for $100 more you get 2.4 radio, brushless, and a battery. Id say that is not to shabby.

I for one think it will be a bargain at $350 and still a solid value at $399

best stuff they could?
you mean best stuff they would, if you think the vxl is the best your in bad shape, the esc is poor or decent at best, the motor is decent but no where near the best, the 2.4 radio is better than the am stuff DUH but would you throw away your DX 3 for it? I wouldn't even get rid of my spair 75 FM JR XS 3 pro for it.
it should be a kit at $169 plain and simple,you used to be able to get a whole brushed truck and am radio for that from the very same company, oh wait the xl 5 pede still is that much! Like I said it won't be long and you'll be able to build one from scratch without there CHEASY electronics, then I might have one, no rtr crap for me, even at $299 it would be a hard sale to me personally. The VXL system sells to hobby shops at right around $100, the radio(tx and rx) even more, take that crap out and sell it as a race roller if your worried about fit and finish of unassembled parts but their replacement parts are fine and all interchange nicely so there is no reason why they should not sell kits other than it dosn't line there pockets as well. The RTR version should come with KY sponsorship logos for the side if its $399.

and by the way, Peter works for Traxxas, his job is to make money for traxxas last I knew, I bet they will have less than $150 in the entire RTR package on there end, of course they need to make there R and D as well as production costs back but not on the first 10,000 units
As I said the best stuff they could. The VXL may not be the best brushless but its what they have, their 2.4 radio may not be as good as my DX3S but its also not $200+ for the radio. Of course you can buy better equipment, but you cant in a rtr package in the 10th scale segment.
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