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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

The scale prop is ~19.5 inches in diameter and I don't think there is anything you're going to stick up there that will turn that large of a three blader except MAYBE an electric power system! I'm looking at the possibility of either electric or the RCS 17cc gasser for my next Hellcat. Whatever you decide on if there is a chance of your Hellcat ending up much heavier than 10 pounds I would definitely suggest you look into the Sierra retracts and stay away from the Robart units, especially if you fly off of grass or dirt.

One of my local flying buddies is going to build a Hellcat for warbird racing and will be putting a YS 1.40 up front. To that end I have re-designed the wing slightly to take a 1/4" plywood dihedral brace so the extra weight and power of some of the engines being considered here should not be a concern.
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