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Default RE: Charlie Kellogg's TBM Avenger Build


I got the Evercoat Easy Sand (cat#420) online. I could not find it locally, and you're correct, the Evercoat website does not list distributors.

I purchased the filler from, as I recall. But there are other online outfits that sell the stuff, too.

I got a huge tube of it (24 oz), although I think it's available in smaller sizes, maybe on another website. I have used very little so far, so it might be better if you found the smaller container for purchase (maybe 10-12 oz).

If you get some, test it out and play with a bit before you apply it to your model. It's a 2-part system (polyester filler and hardener), and if you add too much hardener, it'll go off really fast (2-5 minutes), so you can only work in small sections. Using less hardener lengthens the pot-life, but who knows if it'll ever cure properly in that scenario. It's also very helpful to get some putty spreaders that are sold in automotive shops (PepBoys, AutoZone, etc). The filler does not stick tightly to the spreaders. The spreaders are also highly flexible so you simply flex them to pop off the hardened filler and then they're as good as new.

I know what you mean about sanding. It's ridiculous how fast these models can be framed up, and the real work only begins when you start the sanding and filling prior to paint. Seems to never end!!

Just finished mounting several control horns... linkages tomorrow, and picture updates on Sunday.

Until then,

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