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Default RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread

ORIGINAL: jtnktz

I'm just letting you guys know, if you get a baja (2 stroke petrol powered) R/c you will sell all your nitros. You'll also fall in love! haha
duh of course I'd fall in love hell I've wanted once before I bought my 1st nitro but settled for nitro
there's kinda 3 things holding me back in all truth
1) Price, it costs more than the car I drive around in (the least important thing holding me back actually)
2) I live in a apartment building thats pretty small and can't store it, I'm actually having issues storing my Savage X for the winter due to the size
3) no where really close to drive it/Its too big to fit in my car
Can't fit it even in my back seat(drive a 2d sedan)

I mainly goto Al's for bodies/paint due to the large amount they have in stock, and when I need a odd part that I have to measure up to the vehicle to size up. But as far as LHS's go its my favorite and has extremely helpful employees who actually use the products they sell. Unlike the other one I stop in at on extremely rare occasions when I got buisness to do next door to them.
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