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Default RE: Golden Skies Crossfire

Right now you can get a Bampf or a Crossfire for $150. Smoking deal. Apparently, he has another container coming in and is making room for more. Save $100 or more. Cool.

BTW I bought a backup Bampf and Crossfire. As did about 8 other people in the club. The Crossfire is seriously the best flying 60-90 you will ever fly.

Not associated with Goldenskies. I just really like the quality of his products. Friend also has his Extra 300 and an Aeroworks Extra 300. I laid back to see which airplane he would fly the most. Slow but surely I saw the GS Extra coming out more and more and the AW coming out less and less. I keep waiting on the production of the Falco and have a standing order for it.
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