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Default RE: New Bright Nitro Skidoo MXZ Snowmobile

The motor for this mod is rather small. It is a Paris Dish 0.12 but it runs great and gets the job done plus fits nicely under the hood cowl.

The mods so far include the nitro motor + mounts and exhaust, custom made drive train, new front oil filled shocks and RC grade radio equipment.

I spent quite a bit of time on the model. Maybe about 25-30 hours or so. Most of the time was spent creating the drive train and lining up all of the gears to mesh nicely and then cutting away extra plastic needed for engine cooling and to mount the exhaust pipe.

I also spent quite a bit of time trying to find a replacement spur gear to replace the stock nylon gear. Most/all parts on the Skidoo are in metric size and most gears found for cars are "standard" sizes.

The plastic is flimsy in some areas which takes stress so I re-enforced them with either copper sheet metal, steel or fiberglass.

I also made a few minor changes to the rear suspension but for the most part it is stock. I have plans to replace the cheap plastic mono shock with an oil filled shock and I have plans to re-enforce some more of the front suspension with fiber glass.
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