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Default RE: Fly-models formost 150?


HELP Please

Hello to all i have a Formost 150 or 160 is version 2 i have this about one year in the box now i what to used.

ken i fly with JDE Hawk is 14+ thrust engine with out make modifications to the airplane

DO NOT FLY WITH OUT MODIFICATIONS....unless you are on a deserted island with no other people around and your in a bunker

Seriously though please go to the following thread which is the gospel of the Formost 150 conversion, you have to remember that this plane was / is designed for glow power not turbine power.

The added weight of the Turbine, Fuel and appropriate Landing Gear make it too heavy to fly without modifications.

If you want to make the modifications PM me you e-mail address and I can send you the conversion document that I made with drawings for the parts needed in PDF format

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