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Default RE: ESM P47 Build


I'm too starting to build the ESM P-47. I have not gotten to the stab yet thanks for the heads up. But I did notice when I was in stalling the hinges for the flaps that two of three the hinges on one side were cut short and one on the other flap was also cut short. I didn't have a warm fuzzzy about them and I replaced them. The only reason I can see why they cut them short was the slot was not deep enough so they cut them short to fit. What size engine are you using?
Good luck with your build and keep us posted.
Carl, I ran into this also. I was told it was because they would run into ribs in the wing and not to worry about it. I tried some full size ones in there and they fit, so that's what I went with.

As for progress and where I'm at:
[ul][*] Wing halves completed and glued together this morning. Includes ailerons, flaps, retracts (ESM), servos, air lines. Had to do some minor mods to get the retracts and wheel wells to fit properly.[*] Horizontal stabs, elevators glued and installed in fuse.[*] Working on the rudder now. Since the Robart hinge points are square at the hinge and need to be imbedded to half of the hinge pivot, I'm making square holes in the vertical stab TE using a small square file. Hoping there's enough glue surface that epoxy will hold them while not gluing the actual hinge pivot.

I'm planning on going with the Aerovate 26cc - my first gasser. I had originally planned on using an OS 1.20 4S, but was afraid I'd be adding too much weight to the nose because of the lighter engine and not get the pull I'm looking for. Also, there's three other ESMs being built locally here and they are all going with 26cc.

I had also initially installed standard servos in the wings, but I took them out and put in steel geared ones with higher torque. Gonna use those on all control surfaces and use standards on throttle and air valve.

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