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Default RE: Learning to use a hi-start


Thanks for a great posting. I have just started my un-powered flying. I think the idea of watching my plane gets its wings snapped in half by a hi-start has been put aside. Here are my co-pilots, 1997 and now.
Either those boys are getting bigger or the planes are getting smaller.

From my experience, you have to seriously miss match the hi-start and the plane to risk wing damage from a hi-start. But Ithink we all had that moment or two of anxiety when we did that first launch.

I think it has been mentioned several times, but as you gain experience with your plane, start to move the CG back from the stock position. The lighter nose will allow the plane to be more responsive so it can read the lift better. Do this slowly over many flights.A little move, even 1/4 of an inch, can make adifference on a 2 meter plane. But only you can judge what works best for you.
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