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Default RE: ESM P47 Build

ORIGINAL: tom2bell

I am using a crrc 26 an have had the same problem with the pipe coming loose. I fownd that that the fire wall was moving after the 8th flight or so. I gorila glued the inside of the fuse at the firewall. The wood didn't come loose the fiberglass was geting weak around the wood plate. you could see the paint starting to crack. After I fixed the problem I haven't had to fix the muffler agan. I have had to do this on all my esm warbirds that I have. Both p-47 and a fw190. It looks like the models were realy desined for glow. The extra vibration that the gas motors produce is to much with out reenforcment of the firewall. Hope this helped.
Interesting. I can see how the gorilla glue would reinforce the firewall joints, but I don't see how it reduces the vibration that's causing the bolts to work loose. Does it somehow dampen the vibration by spreading it through out the plane rather than concentrating it in front of the firewall?

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