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Default RE: ESM P47 Build



I've run into a small problem building an ESM P47 that I need some help with. The vertical stab is composite - very thin and hollow. The rudder is balsa. The hinges are Robart hinge points, 1/8 inch. The trailing edge of the stab is about maybe 3/16'' thick. I just don't think that there's enough meat there to hold the hinges.

I've read several posts about how people have installed hinge points, but I didn't really find a situation like this.

I'm guessing all the ESM models are similar construction and maybe this is a non-issue, but it sure seems like a weak point. I've thought about trying one of the expanding glues, but the sides of the stab are so thin I'm afraid they might bulge.

Any suggestions?

Here is one way to handle this. Use Gorilla glue. Install the glue in all the holes, install the hinges, then stand the surface vertical with the hinges down. The glue puddles around the hinge on the inside, and when dry, it has formed around the barbs and will never come out. You can do the other side of the hinges the same way. You'll destroy the tail before those hinges will come loose.
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