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Default RE: New Bright Nitro Skidoo MXZ Snowmobile


No sorry, I have no thread for that but maybe I can help you here. If you look at my post 2 in this thread there is a picture that may help.

The metal strips you see attached to the plastic housing are nothing more than an L-bracket that I bought from Home Depot and then hammered them flat. They have 2 pre-drilled holes.

The shocks I used where standard oil filled purchased at my local hobby shop for $17.00 a pair. You can see a picture of them on post 11.

The bottom end of the shock clipped right on just like the stock shock (I may of had to clip of a tad of blastic from the shock's clip ring).

For the top end, I had to cut away some plastic so it fit, but then I just used a bolt and nut and bolted the top to the metal strips. I may enfource this entire area with some fiberglass for next season. Seems to be a little weak in this area so the fiber glass should give it some more support.

I used fiber glass in some other areas such as where the motor mounts attach as well - seems to help!

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