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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

Slow but steady progress on the completion of the prototype. I now have all the panel lines completed on my wing. Next I will add the laser cut vinyl hatches, inspections panels, etc. and then it will be ready for a base coat of zinc chromate paint. I will then burn the rivets into the base coat using the sharpened brass tube in a soldering gun method. I also built up some overlapping panels to simulate the non-existant flaps. Just because they are not on the prototype does not mean that we can't fake it! The remainder of the illusion will, hopefully, be accomplished with careful airbrushing. All of this will, of course, be covered in detail on the web site for those interested in how I accomplish these details.

I also built up the overlapped panel line indicating the wing tip as well. The rest of the panel lines on the wing are of the recessed variety but the fuselage will be primarily overlapped panels as seen here. The Hellcat contains a nice variety of flush and overlapped panels as well as flush and button head type rivets so we will get to cover many different techniques before it is all done!

I am also trying to set aside enough time to get the outer wing panel construction gallery completed so please stay tuned!
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