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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build


Hey Chad,

Are these going to be available to the group? If so, put me down for a set, I think they look great for a sport scale model.

Shall I post my pics here or send them to you first?

Their will be a laser cut vinyl surface detail set available Charles that will include all the hatches, panels, rib tapes, etc, and possibly the laser cut rivets as well. Not 100% certain on the rivets yet due to the very long cutting times necessary to produce them. They may end up being too costly to produce. I may just offer enough rivets to do the fuselage since the full size used raised rivets. The wing is flush riveted and I will be burning those using a brass tube chucked up in a soldering iron.

Please feel free to post any pictures you would like to share Charles, no need to run them through me unless it is easier for you to do it that way.
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