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Default RE: Hpi Sprint 2 DRIFT

im pretty fairly new to drifting but ive done research, reading and spoke to a lot of people that have been doing this for years. depending how and where you want to drift will be a major factor to fixing your car up. whether its indoor carpet or outside on street. you should aim more towards indoor because how you set your indoor will do just fine out door.

first do the bulk head mod and cut those out. then a cheap and great mod is to LOCK your rear. do this but just pulling the rear diff out and unscrewing the 4 screws and just simple put some type of glue to hold the gears in place (what i used was a glue gun). then either run a ball diff or one way in front. all the drifters in my area are running a hard rear and ball front. good setup but then again, to each their own. then some good but a little expensive mod is to do the CVDs, great mod, lots more torque. and of course, invest in a good FM ghz transmitter and a good charger. also get a pvc cutter and some pvc pipe and you can call it a day!
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