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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

Thanks Chad, since I cannot edit the post I'll add my two cents here...

The pictures are a surprise. I don't see all the wood discoloration caused by the glue and filler on the actual parts but the camera sure picks it up.

First, the rudder went together like a well designed puzzle. The only extra bit I had to do was add a filler piece at the top of the fin/rudder where they meet. There was a bit of a gap there (Maybe meant to be there for the little curved bit at the very tip to be added later). I have glued them together with Duco cement (my favorite) in order to shape them as one piece. I only used four drops of glue here. A drop of Dope Thinner softens the glue and the parts separate easily.
Secondly, I did the same with the elevator/stab...everything fell together nicely here too. Well done Chad.

The extra pieces of wood at the bottom of the rudder hold the two lower balsa pieces separate and keeps then from breaking off. They are a bit frail hanging out there. You can see where they have broken from mishandling.

Lastly, I didn't notice that I had to order a control horn for the elevators (duh) so I am making my own. A bit of piano wire, brass and solder is all that's needed. The critical thing here is to measure the distance between the two right-angle bends on the wire. They have to be accurate for proper spacing of the elevators. A practice piece helps to get the proper bend placement after marking the wire. The brass will be soldered up later as it needed to lay flat while I sanded the wood.

More to come...
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