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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

I visited Robert Vogel today to get an update and some pics of his "Super Hellcat" build. As you can see the airplane is getting very close and will probably be test flown within the next couple of weeks. If all goes well with the test flights Robert will finish up the details including the bright red trim which should really set it off nicely. The airplane is beautifully built and stunning to look at. It did come in heavier than we expected, about 10 pounds 6 ounces. Pretty much exactly what my prototype weighs. I am of the opinion that some weight could be saved by sheeting the wings and most of the fuselage with 1/16" medium grade balsa rather than 3/32" as designed. I would probably keep the 3/32" on those areas of the fuselage that are planked but all else could be 1/16" and be more than adequate in my opinion.

I'll keep you guys posted with any news of test flights. I can't wait to see this thing go!

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