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Default RE: homebuilt turbine

That isn't all the parts you need. Have a look on their other page:,93,130,

The cost now starts to add up.

In my opinion there are 3 ways to go,

Build your own engine - can be cheaper but requires time, skill, patience and tools.
Assemble an engine from a kit - something like the Wren 70 kit is very easy to put together.
Buy a built engine - either new or second-hand.

From your posts it appears that you are trying to save money by 'assembling' an engine from parts intended for home builders. In my opinion this will only end in disaster. I know you have been told this before but I would look at either a complete proven kit (I can only vouch for Wren as it is the only one I have built) or a ready-to-run engine (either new or second hand).
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