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Default RE: New Top Flite P-40 60 sized arf


Interesting that they are making there own gear ? anyone seen pics ?
ALso why suggest the 615 for this size plane , the 615 have not been updated in years and as a fact the many guys on RCU Have made there own mods to keep the scissors from folding in .
I am assuming sierra gear will work with some simple mods or even some mechanicals with eletric mods from down& locked
I have had no problems with the 615's in my Hellcat nor did I have any with them in my TF P-40. However, I only fly off of paved surfaces and neither of my airplanes was much over 10 pounds. Both of those things probably make a difference. Having said that I will add that I had a set of the .60 size Sierras and I can tell you without a doubt that they are light years ahead of the Robart gear. Much more robust and without any slop which cannot be said for the 615's. I designed the Hellcat to work with either set of gear and the Sierras are just a fraction wider than the Robart units. I'm pretty sure they would take very little work to fit in anywhere that the 615's are designed to go.
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