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Default RE: ESM P47 Build

I have about 80 flights on mine now (Evo 26ccm with 18X8 2-blade Mejzlik) , I actually did not reinforce the firewall at all, and upon inspection things look solid. No reinforcements of landing gear bay either (Sierra retracts). I had one hard land, early on, with a deadstick on climbout just after takeoff. No damage to the plane. Everything is still holding up just fine. Had I built it again, I would have done what you have done, glassing the inside of the firewall, instead of adding lead to the front. I like your engine choice, it will really haul the plane around with authority. Did you add in more right thrust than what is built into the plane from ESM?
I have a 26cc Aerovate (17x8 APC) on mine and it's just barely enough. A friend just finished his ESM FW190 with a 30cc DLE and it's quite fast.

As for the landing gear, I've had a few hard landings and the plywood mounts started delaminating. I glued and screwed them, but that didn't hold. Glass and epoxy has held fine so far. Also my landings are getting better...

Here's a low q vid of how not to do a belly landing. Gear didn't come down cuz the air valve came loose. Pulled up too much trying to set the tail down first. No real damage amazingly.

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