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Default Newie - looking for some explanations

What exactly is the off-centered motor/prop on the Super Cub correcting? Just the spinning motor's tprque? Do all models do this? Do real aircraft do this?

I am looking for a club in my area (Ithink I found a good one). I bought a Super Cub, which I'm getting to the point where I can fly it how and where I want it to go. Is there anything I might be teaching myself wrong, that will come back to haunt me later? Ie... too much stick with such a forgiving airgraft, for example? Or something I don't know to ask since Iam so new?

I have made about 20 flights with my Super Cub. I have made about 15 landings. And 5 "other than landings". I am hooked, and I am glad I got the SC as my trainer.
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