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Default RE: !/4 scale WWI kits?

Here's a thought. I have Dave Bonnington's 1/5 scale Sopwith Pup plans, which were drawn to be outline and rib accurate based on the Replicraft plans. In other words these plans represent Dave's attempt to "translate" the Replicraft technical drawings into a building plan for a scale RC model. So I if I enlarge these plans from 1/5 to 1/4 (that's a factor of x1.25) then I'd have a very respectable Pup! And that would call for a 25cm cowl and I've got a perfect 26cm cowl sitting right on the desk in front of me!

Oh, and a Seidel 7-70 with it's 230mm diameter would sit just about perfectly and swing a scale sized prop as well!
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