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Default RE: !/4 scale WWI kits?

I respectfully disagree with you here Don. Look at the success of Balsa USA with the general modeling population. That's there bread and butter, and why they have been so succesful. IMHO.
There's no doubt that Balsa USA has developed a great business model and runs a tight ship. And they certainly sell a lot of kits. They pride themselves on kits that are "easy to build" and "easy to fly." I don't have any objection to the first. But I question whether all (or even most) of the scale deviations are "purposeful." Or is it just a case of a "close enough is good enough" attitude towards scale modeling? So I remain unconvinced that at larger scales, models fly better if you mess with the original design. But then maybe, yes, they DO fly better...even BETTER than the original.

But if I have to look at another BUSA Eindecker competing in a scale qualifier, I might just lose my mind!!!
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