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Default RE: !/4 scale WWI kits? These people went the route that BUSA did for full size planes. At 1/4 scale design limitations start going away and you can copy, but most people just want a plane to fly. A BUSA pup will fly easer than a scale one, and Spowith would have made it the BUSA way if they understood the technology. Most think a WW1 plane is going to fly like a trainer and a scale one does not; BUSA just made it so it would. A WW1 plane built scale can have strange pitching moments, adverse yaw, ground looping, and abrupt stall. All controlable, but you have to want to rise to the occasion, most dont. They just want right/ left and up and down. There is a need for BUSA planes; they make a good flying plane that can lead to more adventure with a more scale plane. Stepping stones are stepping stones and most only want to go so far. Proctor was just a cottage business when Lou Proctor started making planes just as all the kit companies. Now, no one will do anything if they cant make a living doing it; original kit mfgs made the kits when they came home from work; it was not their work. They days of boutique kits have been over for years, just holdouts left, and I bet every one gets emails every day asking for ARFs.
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