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Default RE: !/4 scale WWI kits?

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I have heard SO MANY rc pilots comment that it is impossible to land a WW1 ...and keep it on the gear. I think that BUSA makes planes that disprove this belief..and possibly encourages more interest in that genre.
I just always knew from the very beginning (at about age 10) that I only wanted to build and fly WWI models. I don't mind dinking around with cheap ARFs of other types for some stick time. But I know I'll never build anything but WWI (or fabric covered biplanes). There are the guys who say: "Hey, I think I'd like to try one of those WWI types." And then they build a BUSA eindecker that might as well be an Ugly Stik. That's not WWI. Or the build a "two-wing" model that is so heavily modified that it might as well be an Ultra.

What I'm getting at here is the guys who have to be "seduced" into trying a WWI model probably won't stick with it, and those of us fanatics who have always been obsessed, well we don't particularly care if the aircraft we love are hard to handle. I mean, who want's a triplane that "flies like it's on rails" or lands "as easy as a trainer." Those would be BAD things.
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