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Default RE: Crashing - a part of the hobby?

Almost everyone believes that they can tell, relative to another object, where their plane is. The truth is that depth perception is good for only about 17 feet. Google it. This is why occasionally any of us will land short of the runway and wonder how we missed the whole field. WE are actually flying "blind", relative to the path we desire to follow. Another reason we crash is because our planes do not have air speed indicators. As we land, we must keep the air speed high enough to prevent stalling. Yet, without an air speed indicator, all we can do is judge the GROUND SPEED, since that is all we have. If, on top of all other problems, there is a severe crosswind and you choose to compensate by making the approach at some angle to the runway, your chances of stalling go thru the roof. Only with a computer can you do the trigonometry calculations required to adjust your air speed, based on the ground speed, to have any chance of making a safe landing. After many crashes I NEVER compensate for a cross wind by landing at an angle to the runway. If you choose to comment on what I have written, please take the time to understand what I have stated. Then I want to read your input. I have many hundreds of crashes under my belt, and have analyzed everyone of them to find the cause. I now fly only SPAD planes. Those planes are so tough that any landing that will knock off the main gear on a balsa plane will do nothing to my SPAD, other than maybe move the clunk in the fuel tank.
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